The @Home Shoe Sanitization Guide in the times of Covid’19

The global pandemic sure has taken a toll on our lifestyle while slowly-steadily we’re adapting to the new normal, maintaining the highest safety standards is inevitable but these uncertain times are demanding a little bit more. Sanitizing your hands, masks, and gloves isn’t enough, our shoes could be a major carrier of dirt, bacteria and other contaminants. Many of us have been in a fix as what to do about the shoes. Although what we do with our shoes is already protective but a little extra care costs nothing.

Shoes are the only thing that come into direct contact with any public space we venture to, be it supermarkets or medical shops hence it requires your attention.

Having said that, there’s no special technique that you need to follow, just some simple hacks and a regular routine with significantly more attention to hygiene will get you through it. Check out our guide to sanitizing your shoes at home during pandemic.

Leave your shoes outside

The first step is to not move inside your house wearing the same shoes. Leave them at the door or designate an area for your shoes and other outerwear away from the social areas of your home. You might as well keep a separate pair of footwear right outside your door so that you don’t even accidentally step in without changing your footwear.

Clean your shoes

Hardy shoes that are washable, made of fabrics, can be washed on a short cycle in your washing machine with warm water and mild soap. If your shoes are made of any material like leather which can’t be washed, you can simply clean them with a wet wipe or a disinfectant spray which you use to clean other surfaces of your house, or use a semi-dry cloth to clean the marks and dirt from your shoes.

Dry your shoes

Once your shoes are cleaned, opt for air-drying by placing them on a clean surface and letting them dry out in natural heat for some time. But make sure you don’t keep your shoes under direct sunlight (especially leather shoes); a lightly filtered sunlight for a little while is all that it needs.

Polish them evenly

Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe your shoes in small circular motions to bring that shine to your shoes once they’re dried. Always wear powdered gloves while you’re at it.

Some pro-tips

Opt for easy slide-in shoes

At the time, when we require being very cautious with everything, we suggest you keep a pair of slide-in shoes separate as they’re easy to wear and also save you from touching the shoes while wearing it.

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Washing your hands is a must

Taking care of everything is mandatory for all us without forgetting to wash our hands before and after cleaning the shoes. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe. We care for you.