Footwear to sport at a beach wedding

When you think of the beach you end up associating it with summer, it's sunny and bright. The beach vibe is relaxed and exciting, that is the reason most people prefer getting married at the beach nowadays. Seaside events are gravitating but there is a lot of confusion around suitable ensembles, especially footwear. To help you dress your best, we have curated some befitting footwear styles. Let’s explore!

If dress shoes are your thing and it is an uncompromising fragment of your party ensemble, we completely understand. Airy footwear is preferable at the beach events but if you are adamant to don dress shoes, we’d suggest you pick a pair of loafers. Firstly, they are comparatively nonchalant as other dress shoes. Secondly, they are convenient to put on and off, which might be a requirement at the beach. Avoid light color shoes as they’d be taking a beating in the sand and you might regret damaging them.

Blue Suede Leather Tassel Loafers
Ideal beach footwear, and if you are planning to sport a casual look, flip flops are downright perfect. Team it with a cool-color blazer, trousers, and a linen shirt. Make sure to pick a formal pair, something crafted in leather as bulky or athletic flip-flops will crush the look.
Boat-shoes have a nautical heritage and are a great part of the thalassic attire. We know you won’t be in the sea but boat-shoes are quintessential hot-weather shoes, keeping your feet breezy and comfortable.
Smaga Tan Moccasin
Driving shoes were drafted to provide comfort while driving, however, they are hardly worn for that purpose solely. If you are looking for sleek yet relaxed footwear, drivers would balance your beach wedding look seamlessly. Drivers come in diverse designs, for a slightly formal look, pick a structured and well-defined shoe and for a leisure-oriented look pick something with artisanal aesthetics.
San Frissco Tan Casual Tassel Driving Shoe For Men
The reason beach weddings are trending is because the ceremony is intimate and the guests can thoroughly enjoy the event, unlike those banquet weddings where you are tired of greeting countless folks. In case you are looking to match the zappy beach vibe, pick a pair of sneakers. They are light, vivid, and add a hint of swag to your formal outfit.
White Sneakers For Denims

Now when your shoe scuffles are resolved, Dress right-Dress bright, have fun, and shell-e-brate the happy couple!